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Mark Twain Short Stories Essay Essay

Mark Twain has composed a myriad of short stories over a long period of time. Twain writes with the passion to charm and amuse the reader. Every single sentence he writes makes one want to keep reading on to see what happens next. His stories also offer a comment on human nature and Twain often questions conventional wisdom. Just because someone’s life did not attach to with what many people see normal, Twain seems to be asking if that makes them lucky when they don’t fail. He responds to that question and challenges the reader to think twice in his short stories. Mark Twain’s stories seem to never be lacking hilariousness. In Luck, for example, he brings out the subject, Lieutenant-General Lord Arthur Scoresby, as a dignified and decorated soldier but then makes a quick turn by quoting the town Reverend saying, â€Å"Privately – he’s an absolute fool† (Twain 265). This blunt change allows Twain the chance to recount the tale told by the Reverend concerning Scoresby’s many failures in battle. Additionally, he sets up the reader in The Story of the Bad Little Boy by painting a dreary picture as to what could happen to the main character. Twain then excitedly breaks the ice with an amusing reveal of what actually happened. Twain writes, â€Å"Is it right to disobey my mother? Isn’t it sinful to do this? Where do bad little boys go who gobble up their good kind mother’s jam?† and then he didn’t kneel down all alone and promise to never to be wicked any more, no that is the way with all other bad boys in the books†¦ He ate that jam, and said it was bully; and he put in the tar, and said that was bully, also, and laughed, and observed that the old woman would get up and snort† (11). This process of creating a sullen circumstance and then flamboyantly reversing course is depicted in most of Twain’s stories and was used to have a great effect. Mark Twain used humor to thrill the reader, which he did effectively and consistently, but he also used it make a clear point. The most frequent point he was trying to make was that society is too uptight. In The Story of the Bad Little Boy, he underlines a wide range of â€Å"bad† things that the main character does but wraps it up that it had little bearing on him when he became a man. Twain writes, â€Å"And he grew up and married, and raised a large family, and brained them all with an ax one night, and got wealthy by all manner of cheating and rascality; and now he is the infernalest wickedest  scoundrel in his native village, and is universally respected, and belongs to the legislature† (13). This was Twain’s way of getting at the notion that a naughty child will always be a bad person. He does this again in Science vs. Luck in which he pokes fun at the over-the-top laws against gambling and games of chance. Twain does this through the main character, a nifty attorney, who argues that the game of seven-up is actually a game of science rather than chance so should not be considered gambling. Twain writes, â€Å"We, the jury in the case do hereby unanimously decide that the game commonly known as old sledge or seven-up is eminently a game of science and not chance†¦ In demonstration where of it is hereby and herein stated, iterated, reiterated, set forth and made manifest that, during the entire night, the â€Å"chance† men never won a game† (73). By using humor to sink in the message, Twain was able to poke fun at the conservative folks that ruled his day, and ours. Conservative thinking includes the presumption that people who succeed while acting in an unconventional manner must be lucky. Twain also poked fun at that thinking as well. The hero in Luck, Lieutenant-General Lord Arthur Scoresby, was privately thought to be a fool and the luckiest man on earth to survive in the military for decades. Twain then brings up nearly a dozen events in which Scoresby went against conventional wisdom and managed to live, leaving the reader to wonder the question, â€Å"Was it really luck or was Scoresby just good at what he did?† He also attains a familiar and similar goal in The Story of the Bad Little Boy in which the main character survives many near-fatal events to become a pillar of society. Twain seems to ask, â€Å"Was the boy really lucky to survive his childhood or was society too uptight?† Finally, in Science vs. Luck, Twain points out that games of â€Å"chance† are nothing more than complicated science or math problems. Once again, Twain intrigues the reader to consider whether the conservative view is the one and only view. Mark Twain wrote short stories with strong intent. He had a critical yet comical perspective that allowed him to see the humor in serious matters. Twain wrote about them in a way that was entertaining while also serving to share his perspective on his literature. For those readers who took themselves too seriously, they probably only saw the humor part. To those who chose to read between the lines laughed, but also probably stopped to reflect on the message. In his unique way, Mark Twain may have changed the course of human nature and society with his writings. Works Cited Twain, Mark. The Complete Short Stories. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2012. Print.

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United Arab Emirates in the International Market Thesis

United Arab Emirates in the International Market - Thesis Example The United Arab Emirates is situated in the sandy region of the Middle East. It is strategically situated in the Middle East region and very ideal for business between the Far East and Europe and other parts of the world like Soviet Union and Africa. It has been observed that in the recent past, there has been increasing trade in the UAE. This has been fuelled by adoption of free economy policy based on the market system and liberal economy rules which places the private sector in a position to be a major player in entrepreneurship.It is one of the most developed regions in the Middle East and actually a hub of the growing trade environment in the Arabian Gulf.Less government interference in trade has fuelled the growth of the economy due to the contribution made by the private sector. At the same time the government has played its role in ensuring that there is free movement of capital, goods and services which has enabled the private sector to play a major role in the business sect or. (Business Times, 2006) The sudden growth of the UAE has stunned many people in the world. In the last 40 years, the UAE has moved from underdeveloped world to become one of the most developed countries in the Middle East region. The country has been able to attract international investors driven to the region by prospects of oil and gas coupled with the enabling trade environment.... This research paper looks into details the prospects of the UAE in coping with the post oil period. It looks into details the current position of the UAE in the global market and what will happen to the country in the future if in deed the oil reserves will have gone. Research questions In order to understand the current and the future position of the UAE in the global market, this research proposal will look in collecting data in order to answer the following questions. a. Will UAE continue with its economic success story in the future b. If the UAE will continue with its current economic success, will it be relying on oil or doe it mean that it will have to reinvent itself in terms of economical, industry and social structures c. What is the strategic position of the UAE for now and in the future Research objectives The main objectives of this research paper include the following: a. Understand the success story of the UAE and what has fuelled the economic growth. b. Understand the market position of the UAE in the global market through a SWOT analyses. c. Understand the future position of the UAE in the global market. Literature review A SWOT analysis is a useful business tool that helps us to understand the position of an organization in the market. This is achieved through looking in deep details various factors that make up the business and how interact in the market. It looks into the strengths of the business, the weakness of the business, the opportunities and threats that the business is facing. The following is a SWOT analysis of the UAE. The united Arab Emirates commonly known as the Al Emarat Al Arabiyal Al

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Transcription of the 2005 Kenyon Commencement Address Essay

Transcription of the 2005 Kenyon Commencement Address - Essay Example This clearly indicates that almost all thoughts are self-centered, which gets in the way of appropriate thinking as per the author’s argument. All points that the author presents make sense. Wallace is correct when he maintains that thinking should be acquiring the capacity to exercise some sense of control with respect to what people think. This can also be said to be being conscious of what to pay attention to as well as choosing how to construct meaning from life’s experiences. These claims are correct. In addition, people should interpret the real meaning of education as a way of guiding people on how to live consciously and how to avoid being a slave to the default setting. For instance, Wallace states that the default setting makes people think that daily activities such as daily traffic and lengthy queues at supermarket checkouts are frustrating. If a person views this situation as still frustrating to the other people in the supermarket queues, there would be a sense of appropriate thinking. I can confirm that traffic and supermarket queues are the most frustrating experiences for me. I think people should alter their modes of thinking. This is because even the other person could be thinking that I am in their way. In fact, maybe â€Å"the Hummer that just cut me off is maybe being driven by a father whose little child is hurt or sick in the seat next to him, and he's trying to get this kid to the hospital, and he's in a bigger, more legitimate hurry than I am: it is actually I who am in HIS way†.

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Workplace code of conduct Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Workplace code of conduct - Essay Example It is assessed that having ethical framework is, performing the right or moral thing when no one is looking. The implementation and fulfillment of the ethics are a personal preference and consequently, how workplace ethics are managed depend on the personal ethics of those who are in power over that place of work as well as those who work in that operational atmosphere (Ghillyer) and (Workplace-Ethics). It is significant to keep in mind that workplace codes of conduct are shaped through two significant factors. Workplace policy is the initial factor that has to be in agreement via entire laws as well as regulations that are at present in the authority where the business functions. This helps to make sure that essential workplace ethics prevent some pressure or compulsion to employ in actions that are measured to be against the law, encourage favoritism in the workplace, maintaining unfair hiring plus firing carry out or permit salary to be set that are beneath the smallest legal amou nt or the established standards for the area (Tatum). Nowadays the workplace code of conduct /ethics emerges according to the workplace environment. At the present, organizations have better code of conducts for handling all the type of situations. In company code of conduct we see all the aspects from the ethical point of view. The list of ethical conducts is developed through the analysis of the business situation and operational practice. In company we can have code of conduct regarding lot of different aspects, for examples Forced Labor, Child Labor, Harassment or Abuse, Nondiscrimination, Health and Safety, Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining, Wages and Benefits, Hours of Work and Overtime Compensation (Fairlabor). . For instance, code of conduct for Ubunto available at: The above given aspects and codes of conduct seem to fulfill all the areas of

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The selection process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The selection process - Essay Example This is the list of requirements an employer should have at least in order to qualify for the job. This is an overview of the abilities and characteristics one must possess to adequately perform the job. Similarly, a job description list is also prepared to explain what the job is all about, including the specific duties and responsibilities for that particular position.[2] In this case, a marketing project manager supervises projects based on quality, time-schedule and budget. Please refer to Appendix A and B for a complete list of job descriptions and specifications. To hire employees, organizations have different methods of recruitment or attracting probable employees. This is time and cost-consuming and should be therefore done efficiently and effectively.[1] Job advertisements must be put somewhere where they are noticed and easily accessed. According to the 2009 Recruitment, retention and turnover survey report in United Kingdom, The top three most used methods of attracting ap plicants are through the organization’s own corporate website (78%), recruitment agencies (76%) and local newspaper advertisements. However, other means of reaching the target group include specialist journals/trade press, employee referral scheme, links with schools/colleges/universities, search consultant, commercial job boards, physical posters/billboards/vehicle, radio or TV advertisement, and social networking sites (such as Linkedln). [3] The proposed design of the job advertisement for the position of Marketing Project Manager (Figure 1 and 2) can be placed or uploaded to the company’s own website via the internet. Since the people of today rely most, if not all of their activities in the internet, it will be best to post it there. Also, if the position is not only open to the natives of the country, citizens of other nations can access it readily since internet caters to everyone else around the globe. Every organization is challenged to keep pace through the f ast changing technology and environment of today. These multifaceted features of the internet should be seen as an opportunity for better communication and utilized for the benefit of the organization. Another applicable way is to publish the job advertisement in local newspapers. It is indeed less costly to buy a newspaper than secure an internet connection most especially if an employee comes from low-income groups. There in the classified ads section of the newspaper list hundreds of job ads open for hiring. There’s a big chance that people scan or read through these pages. After the different recruitment methods are employed, decisions on the selection process is next to be made. When it comes to applicant selection, competency-based interviews are the most common selection method (69%). Ranked second and third are the more traditional methods of interviews – following the contents of a CV/application form and structured interviews (panel). Others include tests for specific skills, general ability tests, literacy and/or numeracy tests, telephone interviews, personality/aptitude questionnaires, assessment centres, group exercises (for example role-playing), pre-interview referencing, and online tests selection.[3] Normally, the selection process involves some or all of the above-mentioned activities. For the example given on the Marketing Project Manager position, it is recommended that aspiring employees undergo three stages. First is the filling of the

Discussion 2 Week 5 Cost Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion 2 Week 5 Cost Management - Assignment Example Accordingly, â€Å"The costs associated with cleaning up an oil spill are strongly influenced by the circumstances surrounding the spill including: the type of product spilled; the location and timing of the spill; sensitive areas affected or threatened; liability limits in place; local and national laws; and cleanup strategy. The most important factors determining a per-unit amount (either per-gallon or per-tonne) cost are location and oil type, and possibly total spill amount† (Etkin, 1999, p. 1). On the other hand, hiding the culpability now could mean deferment of the mentioned costs but would mean paying more in the future in terms of legal expenses associated with the chemical leak, especially to lives and properties that were affected. In addition, the negative image that the incident would generate for the organization could cost them their reputation and would even cause a significant loss in the financial condition of the organization. The fact is corroborated, as asserted: â€Å"those who have been affected by chemical leaks and spills, whether residents of the area or local business owners, may be entitled to financial compensation for the harm they have experienced. The at-fault industrial plant, oil company or other corporation may be held liable for the injuries and property damage the incident has caused† (Toxic Chemical Leaks & Spills, 2012, p. 1). Therefore, the delay in admitting the fault could cause greater damages which would be more costly for the organization in the long run because the same cleanup cost elements would be incurred, in addition to legal expenses and the damage to the reputation of the

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Study abroad application Scholarship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Study abroad application - Scholarship Essay Example Most importantly, the study abroad scholarship will be an important financial boost to my personal, academic, and professional goals and objectives. This is because the study abroad program will enhance my communication skills, broaden my adaptability and independence, and subsequently promote culturally diverse and interpersonal skills. In light of these insights, the scholarship will go a long way in enhancing my academic and career opportunities. The scholarship, therefore, is a significant platform upon which I will not only share, but also learn cultural competency. In conclusion, I value academic interactions with peers and teachers because every individual is different and unique in his/her own way. In that regard, the scholarship is a good opportunity for me to travel abroad, meet and make new friends, learn international differences in academic curriculum, and ultimately share my experiences and competencies with different cultures firsthand. It is my sincere hope that this study abroad scholarship application will be